You always have a new day

Have you ever been in line someplace and had somebody in front of you who’s waited a long time say to the clerk, “You know I don’t have all day?” Have you ever said that inside yourself? “I don’t have all day.”

Let’s pause for a moment and realize, you know what, you do have all day. You have been given a precious gift. It’s all day!

You have one whole day to share and care, to love and give, and to receive and experience the precious gift of this life.

Some people would s ay you just need to be patient. But even patience implies waiting for something to happen that isn’t right now.

I suggest being present. Be present for the gift of today. You have a whole new beautiful day laid out before you. Be present and enjoy it!

Believing in You,
Mary Manin Morrissey 
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What I want for me I want for everyone.